New Beginnings for Seinors
and Low Vision people!

C&P, also known as Chris Park Designs, develops and manufactures technology
based products for people with vision loss and learning disabilities.



Designer canes- unmatched technology, appearance and performance. The latest in materials and manufacturing technology using carbon fiber. Ultra-light weight, professional performance,ergonomic and elegant design.
Well known Accessibility Technology designer Mr. Chris Park started designing canes for his friends who are visually impaired as special gifts not as a business. His design became very popular with his friends and they asked him to make them available for everyone. Chris’ idea has now grown to arguably the biggest carbon fiber cane company for visually impaired people in the world. Even with the great success of the products, we still put our heart and prayers into each of canes for the user’s safety, appearance, successful career and happiness.
  • Designer mini telescopic cane - This is the latest version. Mr. Park originally designed this type of cane as a backup cane but many people use it as the main cane since they loved the portability of it. After 3 years feedback from users and research this new generation cane has durability, performance and portabilityall in one portable package. (sizes 44-61 inches)
  • Designer folding cane - Special design to provide ultimate performance and feedback when you navigate. Both elegance edition and regular edition are available. (Sizes 39-65 inches)
  • 5-6 section telescopic canes - Mr. Park designed new NFB style telescopic canes for NFB cane users. This cane also has a professional and elegant design. This everyday cane offers great performance on the road.(sizes 41-69 inches)
  • Rigid(Straight canes)
    Affordable price. Good standard cane when learning how to use the cane for the first time. Special canes for the children are also available. (sizes available 25-69 inches)
  • Custom made specialty canes
    Custom made and special canes using materials like gold for your loved one or celebrities are possible. Example picture, special designed cane for Stevie Wonder-the Wonder Stick